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Cowtown Friends Partnership With Fort Worth Animal Care & Control & Fort Worth Herd

We are so proud to announce that Cowtown Friends in partnership with Fort Worth Herd and Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, hosted an incredible adoption event on October 29th at the Fort Worth Stockyards. We are so grateful to Fort Worth Herd and the Fort Worth Stockyards for allowing us to host such a meaningful event in the most iconic location in Cowtown!

Adoption events like Herd You Needed A Dog, allows for us to share what Cowtown Friends does with the community and raise awareness of the pets at Fort Worth Animal Care & Control who are in need of forever homes.

In total, there were 19 adoptions at this event. Zip, June Bug, Pippie, Annie, Apple, Sammy, Remi, Finn, Rusty, Penelope, Lily, Milo, Doodle, Louie, Sweetie, Raven, Pancho, Roberta, and Texas Jack from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control all found their forever homes today thanks to the wonderful partnership with Fort Worth Herd. Two dogs were even adopted by members of the Fort Worth Herd! How incredible is that?

As always, events like these are only successful because of the amazing, dedicated shelter staff, volunteers, and fosters We are so thankful to everyone that stopped by the event, adopted, purchased merchandise, donated, and learned how they could make a difference in the lives of Fort Worth shelter dogs.

We look forward to more partnerships with Fort Worth Herd! Stay tuned and visit our Events Page for updates on upcoming events!

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