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From Concrete Floors to Cozy Beds: Our Mission to Help Shelter Dogs

At Cowtown Friends, we are committed to ensuring that every dog at Fort Worth Animal Care & Control is comfortable and has a safe place to sleep. That's why we decided to invest in Kuranda beds. These elevated, cot-style beds offer support to dogs while being resistant to wear and chewing. They're also easy to clean, which is especially important in a shelter environment.

So far, we have made two bulk purchases of Kuranda beds for the South Shelter. In July 2022, we bought 38 complete beds and 30 frames to replace broken ones. Then, in December 2022, we purchased 73 more complete beds to make sure every kennel at the South Shelter had a bed. The total cost of these purchases was around $11,000.

Thanks to our efforts, every kennel at the South Shelter (4900 Martin St, Fort Worth, TX 76119) now has a Kuranda bed, both inside and outside. Next, we want to focus on the North Animal Campus (351 Hillshire Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76052). Our aim is to purchase 150 beds by raising at least $5,000 to make sure every dog at NAC has a relaxing, safe place to sleep while they wait for their forever home.

If you would like to help us reach our goal, you can donate by visiting our Facebook page or website. Please indicate in the notes that your donation is for the Kuranda beds.

Our mission to provide comfort and care for the dogs at Fort Worth Animal Care & Control cannot be achieved without the support of our generous donors. Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a lasting impact in the lives of our community's homeless animals.

Imagine the look on their faces when they finally get to sleep on a comfortable bed instead of a cold, concrete floor. This is a small but important step in giving these dogs a brighter future. We cannot do this without you! Thank you for your support.

We would also like to thank Animal Rescue Aid for their help in facilitating these purchases.

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