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Quenching Their Thirst: It’s Time to Replace Water Buckets at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter

At Cowtown Friends of Fort Worth Animal Care and Control (FWACC), we're on a mission to provide the best care and comfort to the homeless dogs at Fort Worth Animal Care & Control. A persistent challenge the staff faced was keeping the shelter dogs well-hydrated. Despite the dedicated efforts of the staff and volunteers to keep these bowls full, they often led to frustrating spills, especially when excited pups bumped into them or playful interactions got a bit too boisterous. As a result, the shelter dogs sometimes found themselves without access to water, which is crucial for their health and well-being. With the welfare of the shelter dogs in mind, Cowtown Friends launched a water bucket initiative back in 2021. Our goal was to replace traditional water bowls with sturdy and spill-resistant water buckets that clipped on the cage doors.

Thanks to the incredible support we received, we were able to purchase nearly 300 water buckets and clips for FWACC in August 2021, March 2022, and July 2022. This ensured every cage at the north and south campus including the outdoor kennels had secure water buckets. By attaching these sturdy water buckets to the kennels and cages, it significantly reduced spills and ensured every dog had a personal water source. However, as time goes on, wear and tear have taken their toll. We consistently work with staff and volunteers to monitor the buckets and clips and replace as needed, so we can keep FWACC shelter dogs well-hydrated and happy. We are currently in the process of replacing some of the buckets that have seen better days and wanted to remind you all of the impact your donations continue to make.

We couldn't have accomplished this much-needed upgrade without the incredible support we received from our community who rallied together to contribute to the water bucket initiative. We are truly inspired by the compassion and support of our community. Your contributions have always been the heart of our positive impact on the lives of these wonderful animals and the bucket purchases would not be possible without your support.

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